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Solar Panels 2018

Solar Panels 2018

Photovoltaic solar cells generate electricity as a result of light photons hitting their surface. PV cells generate direct current (DC) which then is converted into alternating current (AC) ...

Solar Power Optimizers

Solar Power Optimizers

Solar power optimizer or DC optimizer is a DC to DC conversion device mounted on each PV module to optimize power output. It employs the MPPT (Maximum ...

Micro Inverters

Micro inverters

Micro-inverters are a type of solar inverters that tie to each panel individually and convert DC produced by that panel into AC. The outputs from all the ...



Perovskite is a compound material that is widely available in Earth's mantle. A curious fact about the perovskite is that although it is one the most abundant minerals ...

Li-Fi Network

Li-Fi network

Li-Fi is a wireless technology using visible light to receive and transmit data. The term was coined by the inventor of this technology Harald Haas. The operating ...

Airborne Lidar

Airborne LIDAR

LiDAR is the acronym for Light Detection and Ranging. It is a technology to measure the distance to a target by a laser pulse. A sensor detects ...