Home energy audit

Home Energy Audit

A home energy audit is an energy assessment process aimed at identifying potential energy consumption inefficiencies by home electrical appliances. It is the first step to take if you consider going solar. But even if not, it's a sane step to take to save unnecessary overheads on your energy bills without sacrificing your comfort. The last part is worth mentioning again, you do not have to cut the time of heating or cooling a space or otherwise cause discomfort to house members by spending less energy. The energy audit identifies and tries to reduce the energy by improving building envelope insulation, eliminating excess lighting and air leakage. For an accurate energy audit, it is best to hire a specialist but armed with the right tools and determination you can also do it yourself. The tools commonly used for energy audits are lightmeter, infrared camera, blower doors.


Lightmeter is used to measure the illumination level in rooms and other spaces. It allows lighting level measurements and comparison with the recommended levels. Energy conservation can be achieved by eliminating overlighting and switching over to LED lights.

Infrared Camera

Infrared cameras are quite affordable nowadays. You can even turn your iPhone into a thermal imaging device by plugging in a small camera. Infrared cameras are a versatile tool you can use to find overheated electrical wires, connections as well as wet or missing insulation, roof leaks and cold spots.

Blower Door

The blower door is a device that fits a doorway in a room. It contains a fan, controller, pressure gauges, and a frame. It is used for calculating the air leakage rates and the pressure inside the room under various pressure conditions. The blower door can help you locate the source of air leaks in the building.

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