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Solar Panel Kits For Home

So you decided to buy solar panel kits for your home. That's great! The inexhaustible power of the sun is available whenever it shines so why not harness that power for your energy needs? The solar kits help you generate power silently, have no negative impact on the environment and often are easily portable. The freely available solar energy can power up your home, RV, cabin and electronic equipment far from civilization. Solar energy can help reduce your energy bills by decreasing your reliance on the main electrical grid. What's more important, an energy backup system powered by the sun can provide a great sense of relief in emergencies. When starting with solar technologies you can always start small and expand later as your needs grow. The solar kits we discuss below are ideal for DIY projects of your own. The components of a solar kit have been put together by specialists so you can be sure they fit together snugly. The main components of a complete solar energy kit are a) solar panels, b) inverters, c) charge controllers d) battery bank (in off-grid scenarios), e) energy monitors e) racking and wiring. The detailed manuals that usually come with the kits will guide you through the process of assembling. In the meantime, you'll learn so many new concepts and have that great feeling of accomplishment when you see your solar project actually works! But before diving into your solar adventures you'll need to make a distinction between 2 broad categories of solar panel kits: on-grid kits and off-grid kits.

On-Grid Solar Kits

On-grid kits tie into your local electric grid and act as a complementary power source. These are usually large systems for residential or commercial use that require professional installation and official permits. On-grid systems don't have a battery for storing the excess energy produced by the panel. The grid acts as a lossless battery crediting you for the generated power depending on your local grid policies. That is called net metering. The peak of the solar energy production at noon doesn't match with the peak of demand in the evening so with net metering you get energy credits to use when you need it.

Off-Grid Solar Kits

Off-grid solar kits are more DIY and beginner-friendly. They are perfect for small-scale projects like powering an RV, boat, shed or cabin. Because there is no available electrical grid, you need a battery bank for storing the energy. Buying a battery bank potentially increases the cost of the system but also makes it more versatile as in that case you are not tied to a specific location anymore. To choose an off-grid solar kit that fits your requirements you first need to know what electrical devices are you going to use then find out their power consumption in Watts. Next estimate how many hours a day you'll most likely use them. Finally, multiply the cumulative wattage and the number of hours and you'll get the estimate of the daily required energy measured in Watts*Hour (Wh). With that information available you can size a solar kit to effectively address your needs. We're going to look at pre-arranged off-grid solar kits next.

Solar Starter Kits

We've grouped together beginner-friendly / small scale off-grid solar kits here. If you are just starting out with solar technologies or your project is not energy-heavy then these kits would fit the bill. Typical applications that suit this category of kits include but are not limited to homes, RVs, trailers, boats, vans, sheds, cabins, emergency backup, 12V battery charging, outdoor lighting, solar water pumps, LED lighting.

Renogy 100 W 12 V Mono Solar Starter Kit

Renogy 100W 12V Mono Solar Starter Kit

Main Components:
  • 100W 12V Mono Solar Panel 
  • Renogy Wanderer 30A PWM Solar Charge Controller
  • Renogy 20 ft (6.1 m) 10AWG MC4 Connectors
  • Tray Cable
  • Mounting Z-brackets for RV, Boat

Renogy Solar Starter Kit is the right choice if you're just starting to make your way in solar. The kit is excellent for small off-grid solar projects for boats, RVs, trailer, sheds, cabins and more. Quiet energy production and grid-independence are the major benefits of this kit. With the included Renogy Wanderer charge controller you can later expand your system up to a maximum of 400 W (4 x 100 W) power. 

100W 12V Mono Solar Panel 
  • Bypass diodes to minimize the effects of a partial shade
  • 3% positive output tolerance,
  • Withstands high winds and snow loads.
  • The corrosion-resistant aluminum frame ensures an extended lifespan.
  • IP65 rated junction box protects against dust and low-pressure water jets from any direction.
  • Ground mount option
  • Pre-drilled holes for faster mounting and securing
Renogy Wanderer 30A Solar Charge Controller
  • Negative-ground Controller
  • Protection against overcharging, overload, short-circuit, reverse polarity
  • LED indicators 
  • Battery temperature compensation
  • Remote temperature sensor compatible
  • Compatible with 12V Sealed, Gel, Flooded batteries 
Pros Cons
The panel charges even on cloudy days The 6 +/- sockets on the controller are small
Quick & easy installation
Comes with everything you need for a basic install

HKYH 30 W Foldable Solar Panel Lighting Kit

HKYH 30W Foldable Solar Panel Lighting Kit

Main Components:
  • 30W 11V Foldable Poly Solar Panel
  • 7.4V 14 Ah Lithium Battery
  • LED Lights: 2 x 2W, 2 x 3W

This is a self-sufficient off-grid charging and lighting kit. A battery and LED lights are included. The battery has many USB ports for the lights and mobile device charging. The foldable 30 W solar panel can be gently flexed and mounted on a curved roof, RV, trailer, van, boat, track, cabin, tent, and basically any curved surface. The battery or DC Solar System as it's called in this kit is 14 Ah Lithium battery with a handle for portability. The battery features five 5V/2A USB ports which can be used both for mobile device charging and connecting several USB LED lights simultaneously. On the battery itself, there are 2 LED lights. The "Charge" indicator will turn on whenever the solar panel is charging the battery. The green "Load" indicator will turn on if any load is connected to any of the 5 USB ports. There is also a color-coded voltage indicator on the battery. In the yellow range, the battery's voltage is low; over-discharge protection kicks in. In the green range battery works in a regular mode; medium charge level. In the red range the voltage is high; overcharge protection kicks in. The on/off switch turns off all the connected loads the battery continues to charge if the solar panel is connected. The manufacturer covers a warranty period of 1 year. NOTE: besides the solar panel the battery can be charged with an AC or DC power source. Please use a transformer with the AC source.

Pros Cons
Small and lightweight battery Some USB ports may stop functioning after a year
Large-capacity battery
Comes with many accessories

WindyNation 100 W Solar Panel Off-Grid Kit for RV, Boat, Home

WindyNation 100W Solar Panel Ogg-Grid Kit

Main Components:
  • 100 W WindyNation Solar Panel
  • 30 A WindyNation Solar Charge Controller
  • 40 ft (12.2 m) of UL Listed 12 AWG Solar Cable
  • MC4 Connectors
  • Mounting Hardware

WondyNation 100 W solar panel off-grid kit is designed for homes, boats, RVs, cabins. This is a beginner-friendly solar kit to build a backup power system is perfect for 12 V battery system. Depending on the sun's availability you can expect to get 350 Wh energy (or 33 Ah of charge) per day on average. The 30 A solar charge controller with Battery Temperature Sensor allows further expansion of the system when you need it. The controller can handle 400 W (4 x 100W) input for a 12 V battery system and 800 W (8 x 100W) for a 24 V battery system. A wealth of system's operating data is displayed on the controller's LCD display many of which (like voltage of solar / load disconnect) you can manually adjust. The display shows system amperage, voltage, amp-hours, temperature, and DC load draw. 

100 W WindyNation Solar Panel
  • Outstanding performance under high temperatures & low irradiance
  • Withstands 1" diameter hail at terminal velocity
  • 5-year warranty on parts & labor
Pmax 100 W
Voc 21.6 V
Isc 6.32 A
Max System Voltage 1000 VDC (600 VDC UL)
Weight 17.6 lbs (8 kg)
Dimensions  40" x 26.4" x 1.2"(1015 x 670 x 30 mm)

30 A WindyNation Solar Charge Controller
  • Included Battery Temperature Sensor (BTS)
  • Protection against overcharge, overload, short-circuit, reverse polarity
  • User-adjustable settings
  • Compatible with 12 V and 24 V battery systems
Solar Panel Mounting Bracket & Fastener Set
  • Includes 4 aluminum Z-brackets & 4 sets of stainless steel fasteners
  • For quick & easy mounting
  • Corrosion-resistant
Pros Cons
Excellent customer service No fuses, fuse holders or battery cables included
Easy installation with Z-brackets & Y connectors
A well-built panel. Works on cloudy days

HQST 100 W 12 V Poly Off-Grid Solar Panel Kit

HQST 100W 12V Poly Off-Grid Solar Panel Kit

Main Components:
  • 100W 12V Polycrystalline Solar Panel
  • 30A PWM Solar Charge Controller
  • A Pair of 20 ft (6 m) 12AWG MC4 Adaptor Cables 
  • 4 Sets of Mounting Brackets

HQST offers its take on starter level off-grid solar panel kits. It comes with a 100W panel for a 12V battery bank. The panel has pre-drilled holes for faster mounting and securing with Z-brackets. It was not designed to be portable but it won't be difficult to carry it around. A 25-years power output warranty is covered by the vendor. The ideal daily output on a sunny day is 500Wh which is enough to fully charge a 50 Ah battery from 50% in 3 hours. Now let's turn to the charge controller. It has a dot matrix graphic LCD display and allows resetting of all the parameters. The controller supports system expansion to 400W by adding more panels. A pair of 20 ft 12AWG adapter cables and 4 sets of mounting brackets are supplied.

HQST 100W 12V Solar Panel Specs
Pmax 100 W
Voc 22.4 V
Isc 5.92 A
Max System Voltage 600V DC (UL)
Weight 16.5 lbs (7.5 kg)
Dimensions  40.5" x 26.7" x 1.4"(1029 x 678 x 35.6 mm)

HQST 30A PWM Solar Charge Controller
  • Rated Current: 30A
  • LCD Display
  • Compatible with 12V/24V batteries; auto recognition
  • Protects against
    • overcharge, over-discharge,
    • over-voltage, short-circuit, reverse polarity
  • Charging Recovery Voltage: 13.2V
Pros Cons
Works like a charm if installed correctly No tray cables included
Comes neatly packaged in one box
PWM controller gives plenty of info

ECO-WORTHY 20 W 12 V Solar Panel Kit

ECO-WORTHY 20W 12V Solar Panel Kit

Main Components:
  • 20W 12V Solar Panel
  • 3A 12V/24V Solar Charge Controller
  • 6.6 ft (2 m) extension cable with battery clips

This kit is great for students and hobbyists; it also makes an excellent outdoor gear for camping. The 20W solar panel is not powerful enough to power batteries in short periods of time but it offers good value for money. The kit is great for running small DC loads like fans, linear actuators, LED lights, etc. The small solar panel is easy to carry around. It has a corrosion-resistant aluminum frame, is waterproof, withstands high winds/snow loads, and lasts for 20 years. 

20W 12V Solar Panel Specs
Pmax 20 W
Voc 21.6 V
Isc 1.22 A
Weight N/A
Dimensions  20.5" x 14.4" x 0.7"(520 x 365 x 18 mm)

3A Solar Charge Controller
  • Compatible with 12V, 24V batteries; auto identification
  • Max Solar Panel Power: 40W @ 12V, 80W @ 24W
  • Protection Against: Overcharge, over-discharge, 
  • Waterproof rating: IP22 (not suitable for long exposure under the rain)
Pros Cons
Good value for the price The wires cause power loss (need to be replaced)
Well-built, lightweight panel The controller is not water-resistant
Good for trickle charging

SunForce 50048 Solar Charging Kit

SunForce 50048 Solar Charging Kit

Main Components:
  • Four 15W Solar Panels
  • 12V DC Plug, Alligator Battery Clamps & Mounting Screws
  • Plastic PVC Frame for Mounting
  • 200W Modified Sine Wave Inverter 
  • 7A Charge Controller

SunForce solar charging kit contains a different set of components from what we've seen so far. This kit contains 4 narrow and long amorphous solar panels and a ground mounting frame for a tilted mounting. All the panels are made to be durable, withstand harsh weather conditions including hailstones at 50mph. There are a 7A charge controller and an inverter for DC-to-AC conversion. The inverter makes the system compatible with traditional 110V appliances. You can squeeze up to 60W of clean energy from the panels for your home, RV or cabin needs. The solar panels, made of ABS plastic and amorphous solar cells, produce energy even on overcast days. Amorphous or thin-film solar panels are manufactured by spraying very thin layers of silicon on a glass surface. The process facilitates better energy generation rate in shady or cloudy environments. Created for outdoor use, the panels are weatherproof, operate in extreme temperature conditions, and require virtually no maintenance.

Individual Solar Panel Characteristics
Pmax 15W
Voc 16V
Dimensions 42.5" x 16" x 1.5" (1080 x 406 x 38 mm)
Weight 11 lbs (5 kg)
Pros Cons
It's easy to do the wiring Intolerant to high temperatures
The plastic frame fits well Shuts down in lower light conditions
The charge controller is very basic

Solar Medium-Level Kits

Renogy 200 W 12 V Mono Solar Panel Kit w/ 20A MPPT Charge Controller

Renogy 200W 12V Solar Panel Kit

Main Components:
  • 2 x 100W 12 Renogy Solar Panels
  • 20A Rover MPPT Solar Charge Controller
  • MC4 Connectors
  • Tray Cable
  • Mounting Z-Brackets

This kit is the upgraded version of Renogy 100W 12 V Solar Panel Kit with 2 100W panels instead of 1 and a 20A MPPT charge controller instead of a PWM charge controller. As you may have already known, an MPPT charge controller is on average 30% more efficient than a PWM controller because unlike PWM controllers MPPT controllers track the panel's maximum voltage and current at any given moment and can leverage the system's full power for a faster charging. Rover MPPT charge controller has 97% peak efficiency. It can handle up to 400W input @ 24V. All the necessary mounting tools are supplied.

Renogy 100W 12V Solar Panel Specifications
Rated Max Power 100W
Voc 22.5V
Isc 5.75A
Max System Voltage 600V DC (UL)
Panel Leads (Pair) 12AWG
Waterproof Rating IP65 
Dimensions 47.3" x 21.3" x 1.4" (1201 x 541 x 35.6 mm)
Weight 16.5 lbs
Warranty 25-year power output
20A Rover MPPT Solar Charge Controller
  • Die-cast aluminum shell for heat dissipation
  • Self-diagnose system faults
  • Automatically detects 12V/24V batteries
  • Can handle Sealed, Flooded, Gel & Lithium batteries
  • Real-time system performance display remotely via an app
  • Protected against reverse polarity, overcharge, over-discharge, overload, short-circuit & reverse current
  • LCD screen & multiple LED indicators
Supplied Mounting Tools
  • Mounting Z-Brackets
  • 20 ft (6.1 m) 10AWG MC4 Adapter Kit
  • Renogy 8 ft (2.4 m) 10AWG Tray Cables
Pros Cons
MPPT charge controller Confusing marking of male/female MC connectors 
High-quality materials
Thorough instructions 

WindyNation 200 W Solar Panel Off-Grid Kit w/ PWM Charge Controller

WindyNation 200W Solar Off-Grid Kit

Main Components:
  • 2 x 100W Solar Panel
  • P20L 20 A PWM Solar Charge Controller
  • 40 ft (12.2) of UL Listed 12AWG Solar Cable
  • MC4 Connectors
  • Necessary Installation hardware & manual

This is the upgraded version of WindyNation's 100 W Off-Grid Solar Kit. The 2 panels can be wired in parallel for 12 V battery banks or in series for 24 V battery banks. During a favorable day, the kit will provide 800 W of a power or 67 Ah charge per day. The  P20L 20 A charge controller can handle additional panels in the future (300W @ 12V or 600W @ 24V). The package includes 40 ft 12 AWG solar cable, all the necessary MC4 connectors for wiring, and all the necessary mounting hardware (8 mounting Z-brackets for the panel and fastener sets).

Solar Panel Specs
Pmax 100 W
Voc 21.6 V
Isc 6.32 A
Max System Voltage 1000 VDC (600 VDC UL)
Weight 17.6 lbs (8 kg)
Dimensions  40" x 26.4" x 1.2"(1015 x 670 x 30 mm)
P20L PWM Charge Controller
  • LCD display for the parameter viewing & adjustment 
  • Compatible with 12V / 24V batteries
  • Compatible with AGM, Gel, Flooded, Lithium batteries
  • Protection against overcharge, overload, short-circuit, reverse polarity
Pros Cons
Excellent customer service Charge controller doesn't show the battery's charge percentage left
Works even on cloudy days
Can be used for 24V battery charging

Wholesale Solar 320W Solarland Off-Grid System w/ 300W Inverter

Wholesale Solar 320W Off-Grid Kit w/ PWM Charge Controller & Inverter

Main Features:
  • 2 x 160 W Solarland SLP160S-12 Mono Solar Panels
  • 1 x MorningStar Corporation SureSine-300 Inverter
  • 1 x MorningStar Corporation SunSaver PWM Charge Controller
  • 2 x 30 ft MC4 10AWG Solar Cables
  • 1 x MidNite Solar Battery Capacity Meter
  • 2 x busbar
  • Breakers & Breaker Box

This full-featured solar panel kit for your home or cabin is provided by Wholesale Solar. It's a US-based company founded in 2002, specialized in solar design & sales for DIY and wholesale customers. The kit comes with two 160 W monocrystalline solar panels, one 300 W inverter for powering up your AC devices, a charge controller for charging the batteries (not included), two 30 ft solar cables, 2 busbars, a battery capacity meter, 3 breakers and a breaker box. With this solar kit in place you can run a small stereo, charge laptops & mobile devices, power up lights or a TV. The 300 W SureSine inverter converts DC to AC and lets you use conventional household appliances without any problem. It won't cause background noise on a stereo or weird lines on TV screen. 

Solarland SLP160S-12 Panel Specs
Pmax 160 W
Voc 21.9 V
Isc 9.6 A
Max System Voltage 1000 VDC 
Power Tolerance +/- 5%
Weight 26.46 lbs (12 kg)
Dimensions  59.06 × 26.57 × 1.38 in(1500 x 662 x 35 mm)
MorningStar Corporation SureSine-300 Inverter
  • Pure Sine Wave
  • Toroidal Transformer Design
  • Outstanding Surge Performance (600 W)
  • Low self-consumption
  • Extensive Electronic Protections
Morningstar Corporation SunSaver SS-20L-12V PWM Charge Controller
  • no LCD display
  • Compatible with 12V / 24V batteries
  • Compatible with Sealed, Flooded batteries
  • Protection against overload, short-circuit, high voltage
  • Temperature Compensation
Pros Cons
Includes an inverter Charge controller has no LCD display
Optionally available batteries & racking
US-based company