Epever 10A Solar PWM Charge Controller

Epever 10A Solar PWM Charge Controller
  • USB port 5 V / 1.2 A for mobile phone charging and small DC fans
  • Uses MOSFET as an electronic switch
  • LED indicators showing battery voltage status, 
  • Compatible batteries:
    • Gel
    • Flooded
    • Sealed
  • Manual control of the load output
  • Temperature compensation
  • Protection against:
    • overload
    • short-circuit
    • battery over-discharge
    • battery reverse polarity
  • 3-stage PWM charging: Bulk, Boost/Equalize, Float

Charge Controller Specifications

Model NameEpever LS1024EU
Controller TypePWM
Grounding TypePositive
Nominal Voltage12/24VDC Auto
Rated Charge Current10 A
Rated Load Current10 A
Max Terminal Size12 AWG / 4 mm
Max PV Input Voltage50 VDC
Max PV Input PowerN/A
Dimensions4.74 x 2.64 x 0.86 in (120.4 x 67.1 x 21.8 mm)
Weight0.22 lb (0.10 kg)