HQST 30 A MPPT Solar Charge Controller

HQST 30 A MPPT Solar Charge Controller
  • LCD display
  • No LED indicators
  • Positive Ground controller
  • 98% efficiency
  • Battery temperature compensation
  • RS-485 communication bus w/ Modbus protocol
  • PC monitoring software
  • Compatible with Renogy MT-50 external meter
  • Warranty: 1 year
Battery Type Sealed, Gel, Flooded
Charging Modes Bulk, Boost, Float, Equalization
Load Control Modes Manual, Light On/Off, Light On + Timer, Test
Protection Against
  • reverse discharge
  • overvoltage
  • undervoltage

HQST 30 A MPPT solar charge controller is a Positive Grounding controller, that's to say, you cannot have more than 1 grounding from a positive connector. The controller features an LCD display which dynamically displays the device's operating data and working condition. This controller doesn't have any LED indicators. The battery temperature compensation feature tracks the battery's working temperature and adjusts the charging parameters to compensate for temperature increase thus prolonging the battery's life. The controller supports external loads. The load control modes are manual, light on/off, light on + timer and test. Interestingly enough, the controller supports multiple data communication methods:

  1. use the RJ45-to-RJ45 cable to connect to the MT-50 external display unit.
  2. use the RJ45-to-RJ45 cable to connect to Super Parameter Programmer (SPP-02) then connect SPP to PC via USB cable
  3. use RJ45-RS485-to-USB cable to connect directly to the PC
  4. use RJ45-RS485-to-USB cable to connect to an Android mobile phone through an OTG cable
Pros Cons
Detailed documentation No user-defined battery mode
The terminals hold 10AWG cable No LCD backlighting
Multiple data communication methods

Charge Controller Specifications

Controller TypeMPPT
Grounding TypePositive
Nominal Voltage12 V, 24 V auto
Rated Charge Current30 A
Rated Load CurrentN/A
Max Terminal Size8AWG
Max PV Input Voltage100 V DC
Max PV Input Power390W @ 12V; 780W @ 24V
Dimensions9.0 x 6.5 x 2.2 in (228.6 x 165.1 x 55.9 mm)
Weight2.6 lbs (1.18 kg)