SolarEpic 40 A MPPT Solar Charger Controller

SolarEpic 40 A MPPT Solar Charger Controller
  • No LCD display
  • Negative Ground controller
  • RJ45 communication interface
  • PC monitoring  software
  • Battery temperature compensation
  • Real-time energy statistics
  • LED status indicators
  • Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD) function
  • Battery Type
    • Sealed
    • Gel
    • Flooded
    • User-defined
  • Charging Modes
    • Bulk
    • Boost
    • Float
  • Protection Against
    • Over temperature
    • Overcharging
    • PV & load short-circuit
    • PV (battery) reversed
    • Overcurrent

SolarEpic 40A MPPT solar charge controller has a heatsink design on the front and rear sides for enhanced heat dissipation so don't expect to see an LCD display on it. But the lack of a display is compensated with RJ45 communication interface which allows you to connect the controller to a PC monitoring software (separately sold USB cable is required) or you can optionally buy the MT-50 remote meter for remote tracking and parameter tweaking. This SolarEpic charge controller is Negative Grounding, meaning you can ground the negative connection of either of PV, battery or load as required. The Low Voltage Disconnected function cuts off the load if the battery's voltage is below a threshold value. The supported battery types are Sealed, Gel and Flooded. A user-defined charging voltage and capacity (Ah) settings allow the support of other battery types. The controller features self-diagnostic and accidental damage prevention mechanisms for a longer battery life. 

Pros Cons
Good for hot conditions (thanks to heatsinks) No LCD display
Heavy-duty build

Charge Controller Specifications

Model NameSolarEpic Tracer 4215BN
Controller TypeMPPT
Grounding TypeNegative
Nominal Voltage12 V, 24 V auto
Rated Charge Current40 A
Rated Load CurrentN/A
Max Terminal Size4 AWG (25mm2)
Max PV Input Voltage150 V DC
Max PV Input Power520W @ 12V battery, 1040W @ 24V battery
Dimensions11.9 x 7.19 x 2.5 in (302.3 x 182.6 x 63.5 mm)
Weight6.4 lb (2.90 kg)