Eco-Worthy L02P100-1 Solar Module

Panel Specifications

Series NameL02P100-1
Panel TypePolycrystalline
Rated Power (Pmax)100 W
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc)20.6 V
Maximum Power Point Voltage (Vmpp)17.3 V
Maximum Power Point Current (Impp)5.79 A
Short Circuit Current (Isc)6.88 A
Max System VoltageN/A
Frame TypeHeavy duty aluminum
Dimensions39.3 x 26.2 x 1.38 in (998.2 x 665.5 x 35.1 mm)
Weight20.2 lbs (9.16 kg)
Product Warranty5-year material and workmanship warranty
Power Warranty25-year transferable power output warranty

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Eco-Worthy 100 W Solar Panel, PWM Charge Controller RV/Boat Kit
Main Components:
Price: US $144.99

This solar kit by Eco-Worthy is suitable for RV, caravan, boat, greenhouse solar panel systems. The 100 W solar panel included in the kit features an IP-65 rated waterproof junction box and has a corrosion-resistant, lightweight anodized aluminum frame. The panel withstands 2400 Pa winds and 5400 Pa snow loads. It is coated with 3.2 mm tempered, anti-reflection glass. Also included is a 20 A PWM charge controller with LCD display. Two 16 ft (5 m) solar cables with MC4 connectors are also included.