Goal Zero 32406 Solar Module

Panel Specifications

CompanyGoal Zero
Series Name32406
Panel TypeMonocrystalline
Rated Power (Pmax)50 W
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc)18-20 V
Maximum Power Point Voltage (Vmpp)N/A
Maximum Power Point Current (Impp)N/A
Short Circuit Current (Isc)N/A
Max System VoltageN/A
Frame TypeAluminum frame with added corner protection
Dimensions21.75 x 26.75 x 1.75 in (552.4 x 679.4 x 44.4 mm)
Weight12.4 lbs (5.62 kg)
Product Warranty12 months
Power WarrantyN/A

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Goal Zero Yeti 400 Solar Generator Kit w/ Boulder 50 Solar Panel
Main Components:
  • 1 x 32406 Solar Panel
  • Yeti 400 portable Power Station
  • Wall charger, a cord, and a built-in kickstand
Price: US $574.95

This Goal Zero Yeti 400 solar generator kit includes one 50 W Boulder solar panel and a quiet & portable Yeti 400 Wh power station with 33 Ah 12 V battery capacity and a wall plug. This solar generator kit adds additional power to your RV and lends itself to a comfortable camping experience. The power station has a built-in 300 W (600 W surge) 60 Hz pure sine inverter allowing you to power up your AC devices. It also features a 5 V USB port, 6 mm port, 12 V carport, 12 V power pole chaining port, and 14 - 29 V charging port. The generator recharges from AC, 12 V power source or solar panels. It can be chained with other 33 Ah lead acid batteries for more power storage.

The rugged Boulder 50 solar panel has a tempered glass coating and an aluminum frame with added corner protection for temporary or permanent installations. The panel comes with a kickstand for setting it on an optimal angle towards the Sun. The panel is chainable with other panels up to 150 W.