Solar Powered Air Conditioner For RV

Adding an air conditioner to your RV can be costly not only in terms of the initial investment but also in terms of maintenance costs. The air conditioner in an RV works non-stop and it can quickly deplete the batteries in hot weathers. The reason for this is that most RV are not well-insulated and the cool air goes out through the air cracks. Another reason is that your RV gets very hot because you have to park under the Sun for the panels to work: the panels get hot and transfer that to the vehicle, especially if there is no air flow between the solar panels and the panels. Considering the above facts you may find it more economically viable to drive to a cooler region rather than use your generated solar power for RV air conditioner. Anyways, if you are convinced that you really need an AC for your RV, here are some recommended options to look at: 

Kingtec Solar-Powered Air Conditioner For RV

Kingtec Solar K25DZ Air Conditioner

Main Features:
  • Nominal Capacity: 16000 BTU/h
  • Noise Level: 50 db (decibels)

Portable air conditioner for RVs by Kingtec Solar is dependable, easy-to-install and quiet (slightly louder than a humming fridge). You can just drop it over the roof vent, hook up the power and enjoy the cool air in your RV. The unit is made to fit RVs of various sizes including campers, trailers, caravans and more. It includes a built-in charge controller and contains slots for optional external batteries (8 x 6 Volt). It's a versatile unit with 3 operation modes: hook it up with the solar panels, use batteries or connect to a 110 V socket. You can also hook it up to your solar inverter. For the regular operation of the air conditioner, you'll need at least 1000 W worth of total power on your RV's rooftop. If you decide to install backup batteries then add an additional 500 W of the solar panels to the mix.

Dometic Polar White Brisk Air II Air Conditioner

Dometic Polar White Air Conditioner

Main Features:
  • Nominal Capacity: 13500 BTU/h
  • Installation Type: ducted or non-ducted
  • Electrical Rating: 115V AC, 60 Hz, 1 phase
  • Dampening brackets reduce noise and vibration
  • 2-year protection guarantee

Dometic air conditioner is a small but powerful unit for your RV. It's easy to install and doesn't require much maintenance.  Equipped with dampening brackets for a reduced noise level. Both ducted and non-ducted installation methods are available. 2 color options are available: white and black. 2 options for nominal capacity are available: 13 500 BTU/h or 15 000 BTU/h

Pros Cons
Blows ice cold air No included instructions
Simple installation Bolts not included
Comes with an attached gasket Loud

Dometic Penguin II Black 410A Low Profile Rooftop Air Conditioner

Dometic Penguin II Black 410A Air Conditioner

Main Features:
  • Nominal Capacity: 13 500 BTU/h
  • Refrigerant: R410A (efficient heat release)
  • Installation Type: Non-ducted
  • Fits 14" x 14" roof openings
  • Electrical Rating: 120V AC, 60 Hz, 1 phase
  • 2-year Protection Plus warranty

Dometic Penguin II has a sleek, futuristic design reduces drag for improved mileage. It's a high-performance, low-profile unit under 10" height. The case is available in black or white finishes. A higher capacity unit is also available. This solar air conditioner can only be controlled with the Dometic Comfort Control Center II sold separately. The non-ducted model is compatible with a Dometic Air Distribution Kit (ADB) and Dometic Control Kit both sold separately.

Pros Cons
Comes with a gasket ADB for the non-ducted model is not included
Plug and play
Maintains even temperature

Fan-Tastic RV Roof Vent

Fan-tastic RV Roof Fan

Main Features:
  • Automatic dome lift 
  • Quiet operation
  • Automatic variable speed
  • Rain sensor
  • IR remote w/ wall cradle
  • 13 manual speed settings
  • Fits standard 14" x 14" openings

This one is not an air conditioner, it's a fan but it manages the job of cooling the air inside an RV equally well. It's a snug fit in 14" x 14" openings on the roof; hooks up to a 12 V battery with 2 wires. The dome lift is handled automatically; it gets closed when the rain sensor detects a moisture. The solar vent operates quietly and allows a reversible airflow so you can both push and pull the air. You'll also get an IR remote with a wall cradle. The fan's speed is automatically regulated controlled by a built-in thermostat. You can also manually choose between 13-speed settings. 2 AA batteries are included. 

Pros Cons
Low amp draw Missing instructions
Included AA batteries
Made in the US

Airxcel Mach 15 Arctic White Air Conditioner

Airxcel Arctic White Air Conditioner

Main Features:
  • Nominal Capacity: 15 000 BTU/h
  • Electrical Rating: 115V AC, 60 Hz
  • Installation Type: Ducted
  • 1/3 horsepower fan motor
  • 320 CFM air flow

The unit is charged with R-410A refrigerant. It's a ducted air conditioner with a strong airflow. The Mach 15 is equipped with a 15 HP fan motor. It's a pretty powerful motor for an RV delivering cool air at 320 CFM (cubic feet per minute) speed. This unit features a streamlined shape that enhances the airflow and cooling efficiency.  Large evaporator and condenser coils with raised fins enhance the system's ability to dissipate heat. The cover includes a condenser coil protection. You can optionally add a heater assembly to provide 5600 BTU/h heat.

Pros Cons
Works quietly No control board
Light packaging
Easy-install, outstanding performance

Maxxair MaxxFan Delux Fan w/ Remote and White Lid

Maxxair Maxfan

Main Features:
  • 10-speed intake and exhaust fan
  • Thermostat
  • Over 900 CPM speed
  • Fits the standard 14" x 14" roof opening
  • Lid opening with remote control

MaxxFan is a complete RV ventilation system that includes a vent, fan, and rain shield in a single unit. The twin lifting arms prevent lid fluttering while driving or in high winds. Features a sealed ball bearing, 12V fan motor, and a 12" 10-blade fan. The unit can be flush-mounted and it's easy to clean. The package includes mounting screws, the necessary installation hardware, and an IR remote. Roof sealant is not included. 

Pros Cons
"Auto" function No warranty if bought from Amazon
Sturdy material
Remote control

Advent ACM150 Rooftop White Air Conditioner

Advent ACM150 Air Conditioner

Main Features:
  • Speed: 15 000 BTU/h
  • Electrical Rating: 115V AC
  • Metal-constructed base pan
  • Waterproof vent opening gasket w/ 6 foam support pads
  • 3 fan speeds
  • Installs in a standard 14" x 14" opening

This air conditioner has been specifically designed to withstand tough challenges associated with the RVs. The base pan is made of a rigid metal. The vent opening gasket is thick and watertight and features 6 dense foam support pads. An optional plug-in heat strip is available. The unit is made of high-grade material with a reliance on the latest technological advancements. 

Pros Cons
Comes with the necessary installation hardware A bit loud
Clear and complete instructions
Good customer service

TurboKool RV 12V Evaporative Swamp AC Cooler

TurboKool 12V RV AC

Main Features:
  • Speed750 CFM
  • Electrical Rating: 110V AC
  • Amp drawHigh 4.6A; Med.: 3.2A; Low 2.2A
  • Maintenance-free
  • Built-in reservoir
  • 3 fan speeds; reversible motor
  • Installs in a standard 14" x 14" opening
  • 1-year warranty on all parts

This evaporative (swamp) air conditioner can be powered by 12 Volt battery or solar panel. Converts hot and dusty air into clean and cool air. The Reverse setting effectively turns it into an exhaust fan. To prolong the motor life dry air is used for its cooling. With this little solar powered AC, you can achieve 20 - 30 degrees temperature reduction in your RV making even the hottest days pleasant inside. The only catch with this AC is that it doesn't work in humid climates, the air humidity needs to be less than 75%. TurboKool is a quiet and efficient air conditioner that weighs just 16 lbs.

Pros Cons
Low power consumption Water reservoir needs to be refilled
Easy installation
Comfortable even if outside temps get to 120°F