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Top 25 Energy Audit Companies of 2019

Residential Energy Audit Companies

Before looking for energy audit or energy assessment companies you can check if your power company offers similar services. In this case, you may even be liable for a free home energy audit depending on your energy provider. So what is a home energy audit, anyway? Simply put it is the home energy assessment process carried out by professionals or even yourself if you are willing to put in some time and effort. The assessment aims to identify how well your home is insulated. That is to say, how well the building envelop insulates the conditioned space from the outside temperature influences. Next, the audit points out ways of reducing energy consumption without sacrificing the comfort of the inhabitants. Some companies come to your house and look at your situation specifically - this is the best scenario. Others offer audit services online which requires you to gather and format detailed energy-use data to make this type of audit worthwhile. But by the time you go around gathering all this necessary data you can as well do the energy audit yourself. If you are not electric savvy this option may very quickly become time-consuming and error-prone so you'll be better off hiring a pro.

Steps To Take Before Hiring A Certified Energy Auditor

  • Prepare the electric bills for the last 2 or 3 years
  • Make a list of occupant habits. Answer these questions: is anyone at home during the day? Are there any kids? How often the clothes are washed and dried?
  • Note the average thermostat setting in the house
  • Jot down some questions you may want to ask the auditor. For example, if you plan an overhaul ask how the modifications will affect the energy efficiency. Auditors have seen a lot of house settings and they love to expound on. Ask if the company has available financing programs for improvements the auditor suggests. Finally, ask about the guarantees of their work. How accurate do they warrant the gains from the improvements?

Home energy audit process shares many common practices and tools with industrial or commercial energy audits but it is simpler and, obviously, cheaper because no complex equipment inspection is needed. Below we've listed US companies specialized in residential energy audits

runbrook logo RunBrook

Web Site: https://www.runbrook.com
Location: West Palm Beach, FL 33401

RunBrook provides home energy rating, building energy modeling and other services to multifamily homeowners and developers. The company is based in Florida. The company provides energy modeling professionals, energy raters, and field inspectors to provide energy efficiency audits. RunBrook aims at improving the building's environmental performance and energy-use bottom line.

ecocentrix logo ECOcentrix

Web Site: http://www.ecocentrixco.com/
Location: St. Louis, MO, 63103

ECOcentrix is a building performance institute (BPI) certified company in "house-as-a-system" evaluation, diagnostics and installation. The company was founded in 2011. The core competency is in conducting independent energy audits and providing energy consulting services for developers, architects, homeowners, and general contractors. Their expertise includes single and multi-family retrofits and new constructions in compliance with Energy Star, National Green Building Standard, and Enterprise Green Community.

Desert Skies logo Desert Skies Energy

Web Site: http://desertskiesenergy.com/
Location: Gilbert. AZ, 85233

Desert Skies specializes in residential energy efficiency consulting, testing, and inspecting. Serves Phoenix-Tucson area for consulting and inspections plus nationwide plan analysis. The company serves single-family and multi-family residential customers. The main services include advanced energy modeling and IECC reporting, HVAC load review, insulation inspections, HERS rating, Energy Star v3 certification. Desert Skies creates a specific plan for your individual concern & goals and makes sure the completed work is verified before project completion.

Pinnacle logo Pinnacle Inspections

Web Site: https://pinnacleinspection.com/
Location: Colorado Springs, CO, 80908

Pinnacle Inspections specializes in complete home and commercial building inspections. performance testing, Energy Star certification, and HERS ratings in Greater Colorado Springs and neighboring counties. The company provides professional, independent 3rd party verification and ongoing support even after the inspection is completed. Pinnacle Inspections specializes in complete building Inspections & evaluations, energy modeling, diagnostic testing, verification, and certification. They also provide references to quality contractors, engineers, vendors, and other service providers.

Integral logoIntegral Building & Design

Web Site: http://integralbuilding.com/
Location: New Paltz and Nyack, NY

Integral Building & Design is based in Hudson Valley with offices in New Paltz and Nyack, New York. The company is affiliated with numerous nationwide rating, certification, and environmental companies like BPI, RESNET, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and others. The company provides a range of consulting services for retrofits of existing buildings and new constructions. The main services include energy modeling and performance testing for NYS Energy Code Compliance, building science, independent Energy Rater services for a variety of energy efficiency standards.

Aba logo Advanced Building Analysis

Web Site http://advancedbuildinganalysis.com/
Location Amesbury, MA 01913

Advanced Building Analysis is a Home Energy Rating System (HERS) company serving Massachusetts and southern NH area and specializing in new homes and multi-family buildings. The core directions of services are energy analysis, diagnostics, and verification. As an Energy Star partner company, ABA helps homeowners to cost-effectively meet the challenges of higher energy efficiency standards. ABA consults with architects and builders to meet or exceed building energy efficiency goals set by the state standards. They also provide drone imaging services.

Builders Energy Rater logoBuilders Energy Rater

Web Site https://www.buildersenergyrater.com/
Location San Antonio / Austin, TX 78266

Builders Energy Rater, LLC is a nationally accredited Home Energy Ratings System (HERS) Provider and Rater headquartered in San Antonio, Texas. BER provides the following main services: State required 2015 IECC code compliance, HERS ratings meeting RESNET strict guidelines for certification, ENERGY STAR certification, energy modeling using RESNET endorsed software, air sealing & insulation inspections as well as diagnostic and performance testing.

Green Building Authority logo Green Building Authority

Web Site http://www.greenbuildingauthority.com/
Location Austin, TX 78734

Green Building Authority is one of the best Austin energy audit companies. The company helps commercial, residential, and multi-family customers to achieve LEED, ENERGY STAR certification and provides home energy system ratings. Green Building Authority works with builders and homeowners to make the property renewable energy friendly by participating in the US Department of Energy Zero Energy Ready Home program. Among other services are water efficiency inspections, energy code testing, commercial energy benchmarking, rebates & incentives and more.

Home Energy Connection logo Home Energy Connection

Web Site http://www.homeenergyconnection.com/
Location Las Vegas, NV 89178

Home Energy Connection sets a goal to maximize a building's performance in regards to energy efficiency, comfort, health, and safety. The company provides services for homeowners, builders, insulation, HVAC, and remodeling trades. The services include: duct leakage and building tightness testing for IECC compliance, HERS ratings for energy code compliance, energy efficient mortgages, Whole-house Energy Assessments for existing homes per Nevada's specifications

ReVireo ReVireo

Web Site https://www.revireo.com/
Location Cranford, NJ 07016

ReVireo helps clients generate a return on investment in the energy and environmental performance of new construction projects. The services ReVireo offers include consulting (energy code calculations, energy modeling), inspection (air-sealing & insulation, duct leakage detection, thermal imaging, environmental building), a full suite of engineering and architectural design services to achieve energy efficiency, incentives programs. The company uses energy modeling for attaining ENERGY STAR compliance. The following environmental quality certification programs are supported: LEED, National Green Building Standard, Zero Energy Ready Home, and others.

Foster Insulation Foster Insulation

Web Site https://www.fosterinsulation.com/
Contact Kelly Rankin
Location Springdale, AR

Foster Insulation's Springdale hub delivers insulation and energy audit services to Arkansas' northwest corner, covering Washington and Benton counties as well as the surrounding areas. It's an OSHA-compliant licensed Arkansas company in good standing. FI is a certified energy star V3.


Web Site http://www.hersinc.com/
Contact Ron Hughes
Location Little Rock, AR

The company was founded in 1995. HERS, Inc has been a leading provider of Energy Star home certifications since 2006. The company is involved in certifying homes in Arkansas under LEED for Homes and the National Green Building Standards. Residential and multi-family services include Energy Star Homes V3, 2009 IECC Code Compliance, performance testing, energy audits, accessibility inspection, etc.

Energy Potential Energy Potential, Inc.

Web Site http://www.myenergypotential.com/
Contact Tabetha Johnson
Location Winfield, AL

Energy Potential provides energy efficiency consultation services for new construction and renovation projects across Southeast. Energy Potential specializes in combustion testing, air-flow diagnostics and mechanical system design in residential and commercial projects.

Better Home Diagnostics Better Home Diagnostics

Web Site http://www.betterhomediagnostics.com/
Contact Bill Bennett
Location Birmingham, AL

The company specializes in code-compliant testing such as duct testing, blower door testing, and HERS Ratings. Better Home Diagnostics also provides ratings for Energy Star qualified homes. They serve central Alabama including Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Anniston, Cullman, Gasden, and Jasper.

Home Energy Technologies Home Energy Technologies

Web Site http://www.myenergypotential.com/
Contact Peter Harding
Location Chester, CT

Home Energy Technologies is the leading HERS rating and ENERGY STAR for Homes certification provider in Connecticut. They consult on various categories of projects: from single-family Net Zero Energy (NZE) homes to large multifamily building developments. The company is accredited by RESNET  as a HERS Rating Provider and Energy Efficient New Home Tax Credit certifier. HET is also certified by EPA's ENERGY STAR for Homes, the NAHB's National Green Building Standard program and the DOE's Zero Energy Ready Home program as a verifier for their programs.

Industrial & Commercial Energy Audit Companies

Industrial and commercial audits can reaveal potentially huge energy saving opportunities. Industrial audits are among the most complex type of audits because of the tremendous variety of the equipment found in these facilities. Much of the industrial equipment can also be found in commercial facilities. In this section we gathered the top audit firms specializing in commercial and industrial energy audits in the USA.

Noresco logoNORESCO

Web Site: https://www.noresco.com
Contact: Randall Clark - Vice President and General Manager
Location: Richmond, VA

One of the largest energy services companies in the US. NORESCO provides solutions for asset-monetization and delivers energy savings as well as significant infrastructure upgrades to existing facilities. Over the course of its operation, the company has guaranteed about $3 billion in energy and operating cost savings at more than 7000 facilities in the US and abroad. One of the consulting services offered by this company is about the strategies of sustainable design in new and existing buildings. Another service NORESCO provides is the build-own-operate-maintain (BOOM) service for heating, cooling, and power-generation services. The company operates and maintains these central plants as well as others outsources to them by the facility owners.

AMB logo ABM Industries | Technical Solutions Group

Web Site: https://www.abm.com
Contact: Daniel Dowell - Senior Vice President
Location: Alpharetta, GA

Listed in New York Stock Exchange ABM is a major provider of end-to-end solutions with revenues of approximately $5 billion and over 100k employees in over 300 locations throughout the US and worldwide. ABM's comprehensive capabilities include facilities engineering, commercial cleaning, energy solutions, HVAC, electrical, landscaping, parking and security, provided through stand-alone or integrated solutions. The target customers are schools, commercial buildings, hospitals, manufacturing plants, airports. The company was founded in 1909.


Web Site https://www.aecom.com
Contact Matt McCann - Senior Business Development Manager, Energy Services
Location New York, NY

AECOM designs, finances, builds and operates infrastructure assets for governments, business, and organizations in more than 150 countries. This is a Fortune 500 company with worldwide operations.

Ameresco logoAMERESCO

Web Site https://www.ameresco.com
Contact Kate Cronin - Marketing Manager
Location Framingham, MA

Ameresco was founded in 2000. It is now NYSE-listed leading independent provider of comprehensive services including energy efficiency, infrastructure upgrades, asset sustainability, and renewable energy solutions for businesses and organizations. We previously covered Ameresco as a major solar panel manufacturer in our list of top 200 solar panel manufacturers. Here's the list of solar panels by Ameresco. The company operates in North American and European markets. A not complete list of the offered sustainability services includes upgrades to the facility's energy infrastructure and development, construction and operation of renewable plants.

Building Clarity logo Building Clarity

Web Site: https://www.buildingclarity.com
Contact: Brian Caffarel - Energy Engineering Manager
Location: Morrisville, NC

Building Clarity is an end-to-end solutions company in the space of the smart buildings that provides a suite of digital and physical engineering and technology offerings. The company works with building owners, facility managers, developers, architects, engineers and contractors providing sustainable, comprehensive building solutions for commercial and industrial facilities. The services provided are building automation, green design, performance contracts, access controls etc.

CMTA logo CMTA Energy Services

Web Site: https://www.cmta.com
Contact: Jeremy Kelly - Principal
Location: Prospect, KY

CMTA provides energy services and infrastructure solutions to educational and government institutions. The available solutions with limited funding to receive HVAC, lighting and plumbing renovations that are funded via reductions in energy and operational costs. The company specializes in net-zero energy buildings (NZEB).

Constellation logo Constellation

Web Site: https://www.constellation.com
Contact: Larry Godleski - Regional Markets
Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Constellation provides power, natural gas, renewable energy and energy management products, and services for homes and businesses in the US. The company adopts holistic approach to energy solutions: electricity (also from renewable sources) supply and natural gas procurement, energy efficiency and distributed energy solutions. In total, approximately 2.5 million residential and business customers rely on services provided by Constellation.

E3 logoE3

Web Site: https://www.e3es.com
Contact: Doug Kirkley - VP, Business Development
Location: Highland Village, TX

E3 is a Texas-based design-build contractor providing integrated solutions that reduce energy use, provide comfortable environments, and improve operational efficiency. The 90% of E3's customers are public institutions. The implemented projects range from small & quick LED projects to big construction projects. Their core competency is designing and upgrading HVAC systems, creating efficient building control systems, retrofitting lighting systems, and improving facilities.

ESG logoEnergy Systems Group

Web Site: www.energysystemsgroup.com
Contact: Greg Collins - President
Location: Newburgh, IN

Energy Systems Group (ESG) is another energy services provider that specializes in energy efficiency, sustainability, and infrastructure enhancement solutions in the government, healthcare, commercial and industrial sectors. The company offers a full range of sustainable infrastructure solutions including waste-to-energy, distributed generation, and renewable energy.

2rv logo2RW Consultants

Web Site https://2rw.com
Contact Laurie Johnson - Business Development
Location Charlottesville, VA

Founded in the 1980s, 2rw provides consultancy services to building owners and businesses. The company specializes in green buildings, sustainable design, and comprehensive energy consulting services to help reduce ownership costs, improve occupant comfort and safety.